3 Tips to Make Your Last Day at School (extra) Memorable

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Blue skies and soaring summer temperatures must mean that it's time to wave goodbye to those school gates. I remember that bittersweet feeling, excitement to move onto the next chapter of your life, but sad to leave behind all of the memories built over the days, months and years. It's some consolation at least that you have a fantastic leavers yearbook bursting with photos, to take away with you.

Read on for vital last day tips to help you remember the final eight hours of school life.

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Yearbook Ideas: Letters to your teachers

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It's no secret that teaching is a tough job. It's also no secret that students don't always appreciate the regular reminders to work harder, tuck in that shirt and do your best. However at the end of our school, college or university years we have time to reflect on our journey and start to appreciate those who have been along for the ride, the time when those things our teachers were bugging us about actually start to make sense!

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Yearbook Page Ideas: 40 "Most likely to..." ideas

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We've noticed that you guys love a good "Most likely to..." yearbook page. Are we right in thinking you're hungry for more suggestions? Well you happen to be in luck, we've collated a few categories of suggestions for you to take as they are, or use as ideas.

"Most likely to..." statements are perfect for a yearbook awards page - you can simply list out the awards and use photos of the lucky award winners. Got time to go to town on the design? How about a Cards Against Humanity-style layout - use a black card for the award title and a white card for the winner's name.

Part of your student profile page comment could be a "Most likely to...". If you're using questions to lead the student (and teacher) comments, come up with a "Most likely to..." for each person and add it at the end.

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Yearbook Page Ideas: Make a leavers selfie-central

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With over 1 million selfies taken every day I'm going to bet you have a nice bank of them on your phone, Facebook, or Twitter account. Instead of waiting for those all important 'likes' to tot up, why not put those 5 hours a week of selfie-taking to good use in a yearbook page?

Maybe you think you've exhausted the selfie strategy world, but have you tried some of the ideas below?

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Yearbook Page Ideas: Gettin' Quizzy with It - Quizzes and Brainteasers

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Brain training, Sudoku, 'which cat matches your personality?' as a nation we can't resist a good quiz. A leavers' yearbook opens up a whole realm of quiz possibilities, from 'guess who?' to 'celebrity look-a-likes' to some brain-bulging questions about things that happened during your time at school.

If you fancy inviting your yearbook to get quizzy let's get down to quiz business (feel the power of the quiz master).

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Yearbook Quote Ideas: Using Song Quotes & Lyrics

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We've seen a lot of love for our previous post about using song lyrics in your yearbook comments. A heap of new tracks are released every week of the year, so you're never short of a lyric or two to sum up how you feel.

Musical taste is such a personal reflection of who we are and can bring out a multitude of emotions. Sometimes it's a struggle to put into words how you feel, or maybe a band/artist has summed up your experience better than you ever could yourself. There's absolutely no shame in using someone else's carefully crafted words in your yearbook comments.

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Yearbook Page Ideas: Closing time - the last page of your yearbook

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We talk often about what goes into the pages of your leavers' yearbook - but what about the ending? If you've ever been disappointed by how a book ends you'll be on-board with this already. I can tell.

Clever photo pages, plans for the future, a treasured collection of messages and signatures all make great yearbook closers. Strive to end the yearbook with the same energy as it started with some of our ideas below for the last page.

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2016 Leavers' Yearbook Awards

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When one door closes another one opens! Firstly congratulations to Maria Santhosh from St Gregorys school on being the lucky winner of our autograph books competition.

And now we have another exciting opportunity for all you yearbookers - the 2016 Leavers' Yearbook Awards. Here's your chance to really show off what you've done with your own yearbook and be super-proud of what you've achieved!

We're accepting entries and nominations for the 2016 awards until 31st August. Each category winner will be announced on 5th September.

Tell me more about these Yearbook Awards:

  • Yearbook awards categories
  • The prizes
  • How to enter your yearbook into an awards category
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Win Free School Autograph Books & Get 10% Off Leavers' Yearbooks (until Friday)

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Win Free School Autograph Books

As well as enjoying an amazing yearbook for years to come, we’re giving you the chance to win a great leavers’ gift to write messages to friends completely free!

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Yearbook Page Ideas: Hail the Yearbook Committee and Staff

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Let's face it, the yearbook wouldn't exist without you guys - the organisers of this very rewarding project. Make sure you give yourself a page in your yearbook too! Do you have school staff helping with your leavers' book? Give them at least a mention too and let's give thanks where it's due.

What is a yearbook committee and staff page?

A yearbook committee page gives the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped bring your yearbook from a glimmer of an idea to reality. No doubt there will have been many hours spent planning and putting the leavers' book together, which definitely warrants a page of thanks (even if it's just to thank yourself).

A yearbook committee page also let's the rest of your year group know who worked on their yearbook. Some of your year may not even know a yearbook exists until they see they can buy a copy! 

So, where in the yearbook should a committee / staff page live? What content should be there and how should it be laid out?

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